WHY CCD – CleanImplant Certified Dentists

For CLEANIMPLANT CERTIFIED DENTISTS, quality medicine is a matter of course and strict standards must always be adhered to.

What does it mean that your dentist is certified by the CleanImplant Foundation?

CleanImplant Certified Dentists set the standard for excellence within their extensive training in implantology and their commitment to using only continuously and independently tested medical devices. This Certification signifies the pinnacle of achievement of the best quality in dental implantology.  

CleanImplant Certified Dentists demonstrate with this certification their commitment to providing the best possible patient care and requesting best quality medical devices.  All CCDs are provided with detailed information about the quality of the implant system used in their practices and whether they meet the CleanImplant guideline and consensus-based criteria for clean dental implants.

Dentists certified by the CleanImplant Foundation can be found all over the world and in your neighborhood. See the map for more detailed information: